SonicMEMS Alumni by graduation year, thesis title, and last know coordinates

  1. Justin Kuo, 2018, MEMS GHz Sonar for Through Silicon Communications and Sensing Applications, Geegah LLC
  2. Joseph Miller, 2018, PART I: Mechanobiological Properties of  the Extracellular Matrix and the Thermodynamics of Cancer Cell Invasion & PART II: Stand-Off Pulse Power Plasma Fuusion
  3. Vinaya  Kumar, 2018, Postdoc, Wafer scale accelerators and Lithium Niobate Pyroelectric Generators, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
  4. Sachin Nadig, 2017, Monolithic bulk piezoelectric lateral bimorph transducers and applications to internal sensor calibration stages, gyroscopes, ultrasonic motors and energy harvesters, Panasonic
  5. Ved Gund, 2017, Hybrid mems for transient microsystems and chip-scale gas sensors, Intel
  6. Po-Cheng Chen, 2016, Micro-fabricated silicon based probes for biomedical applications: reliable neural interface, electro-mechano tisue assay surgical tweezer, and fluid viscosity sensing, Intel
  7. Erick Ball, 2016, co-Advised with Prof. Ephrahim Garcia, Novel Methods In Meso-Scale And Nano-Scale Actuation, Energy Research Inc.
  8. Jason Hoople, 2016, Integrated piezoelectric transducer arrays for on chip communication and sensing, Vanteon, RIT
  9. Sarvani Piratla, 2014, Optimization of a non-contact single phase drive ultrasonic micromotor : via design and analysis of engineered stator curvature and surface acoustic streaming actuators, Intel
  10. Kwame Amponsah, 2014, Monolithic integration of junction field effect transistor and nano-electro-mechanical systems, XALLENT LLC
  11. Hadi Hosseinzadegan, 2013, Tip-based nano fabrication and electromechanical properties of graphene, Google
  12. Yue Shi, 2013, Toolbox Development For Miniature Integrated Particle Actuator, Facebook
  13. Yuerui Lu, 2012,  RadioIsotope-powered Parallel Electron Lithography : applications to solar cells, thermo-opto mechanical excitation, inertial sensors, Associate Professor at Australian National University
  14. Steven Tin, 2012, Radio frequency pulsed signal transmitter utilizing radioisotope-powered self-triggered electrostatic discharge system, Honeywell Labs
  15. Siva Pulla, 2012, Insect powered micro air vehicles and centimeter scale high energy density pneumatic sources, UBS
  16. Ching-Ping (Janet) Shen, 2012, Silicon based co-integrated bioelectrical and biomechanical interfaces : applications to insect olfactory neural interfaces, miniature neural interfaces, and cardiac excitation characterization, Apple
  17. Abhishek Ramkumar, 2011, Micromachined ultrasonic silicon horn actuators for biomedical applications : surgical tools, cardiac electrophysiological recordings, testicular tubule-size detection and fluid viscosity measurement, PARC Research
  18. Alper Bozkurt, 2010, Towards insect cyborgs : interfacing microtechnologies with metamorphic development, Associate professor at North Carolina State University
  19. Manoj Pandey, 2010, Postdoc, Analysis of Entrainment and Clamping Loss in an Optically Actuated MEMS, Assistant Professor IIT-MAdras, India
  20. Mehmet Kursad Araz, 2010, Generation of sub-wavelength acoustic stationary waves in micro fluidic platforms : theory and applications to the control of micro-nanoparticles and biological entities, Correlia Biosystems
  21. Norimasa Yoshimizu, 2010, Atomic transition-based precision and accuracy in micro- and nanoscale systems, NanoMason
  22. Serhan Ardanuc, 2009, Bulk-piezoelectric transduction of microsystems with applications to batch-assembly of micromirrors, capacitive sensing, and solar energy concentration systems, Apple
  23. Rajesh Duggirala, 2007, Apple, Radioisotope thin film powered reciprocating electro-mechanical power generators, zero-power sensors and three-dimensional betavoltaics, Apple
  24. Shankar Radhakrishnan, 2006, Micromachined owsensors and precision frequency references, Neural Analytics
  25. Shyi-Herng Kan, 2006,  Applications of radioactive thin lms for electrostatic MEMS resonators, Helio Applied Systems
  26. Xi Chen, 2006, Micromachined ultrasonic actuators for biomedical applications : surgical tools, cardiac microprobes, and micro fluidic actuation, Onda Inc., Apple
  27. Abhijit Sathaye, 2004,  Micromachined ultrasound actuator for fluid manipulation and particle detection, Intel
  28. Hui Li, 2002, Radioisotope-powered Self-Reciprocating Cantilever For Micro Power Generation, Spansion
  29. Ville Kaajakari, 2010, Ultrasonic surface micromachine actuation applications to release, microstructure assembly, and micromotors, Murata
  30. Chung-Hoon Lee, 2002, Ultrasonic actuators : remote strain measurements, high strain horns and ultrasonic chromatography, Associate Professor at Marquette University
  31. Hang Guo, 2002, Applications of resonant ultrasound spectroscopy to microelectromechanical systems, Professor at Xiamen University, China
  32. Il-Seok Son, 2001, Integrated ultrasonic actuators for microscale surgery, Intel

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